Save leftover fruit or give excess fruit to others


Lots of fruit is thrown away or rots in our gardens. This can change. The consumer association Äkta vara has created a fruit intermediation (fruktförmedling) so that the surplus can benefit others. On their website there is a map where you can see where there is fruit to pick up.

If you have fruit in your own garden that does not have time to be used or eaten, it is also possible to post an advertisement so that other people can collect it. It is the fruit owner who decides which rules apply to picking. Some want to be contacted before you can come and pick, while others choose to put the fruit in boxes by the road. Read about this in each ad. However, it is safest to always contact the fruit owner before taking any fruit. See contact details in the advertisement or ring the door.

Direct link to the ads can be found here: Fruktförmedlingen (