Allmänna bastun

Public sauna in Jubileumsparken!

Frihamnen, Gothenburg

The sauna is closed for renovation. The goal is to open it in May/June 2022.

Allmänna bastun is the Swedish name for the communal sauna in Jubileumsparken, Frihamnen.

It’s a spectacular building made from recycled materials.

With a beautiful view over the river, anyone can have a warm sauna bath – for free.

Some people call it Svettekôrkan, a pun about sweat and Fêskekyrkan, the fish market housed in a space that looks like a church near Järntorget.

Keep and eye on Jubileumsparken’s Facebook-page for drop-in hours.

Photo: Beatrice Törnros/ Göteborg & Co

Frihamnen 7
Phone: 031-3689696