Couchsurfing Gothenburg

A global community, locally.


The Couch surfing group of Gothenburg has a vision of a world that gets better when people travel and better travels through connections. Couch surfers share their lives with people they meet, which breeds cultural exchange and a joint respect.

The local community of Gothenburg normally meets on the first Wednesday of the month at cafe  Llama Lloyd. Keep an eye on this link.

Travel the world.
Through Couch surfing you can live with the locals in every country world-wide. Travel like a local, sleep in someone’s house and explore the world in ways money can’t buy.

Rediscover your town – Become a host.
Give something back and open your home to travelers. Learn more about a traveler’s culture or practice a foreign language. Make the world a little smaller, a little kinder. 

Väderkvarnsgatan 16 A