Barn i bokbussen. Foto: Sara Larsson

Gothenburg’s libraries

Borrow books and a lot more!


Everybody is probably aware of our oldest collaborative initiative: the libraries where you can borrow books. Here we focus on what the libraries have to offer except books, things you might not know about like that you can borrow walking sticks at Majorna’s library.

Instagram, e-mail and phone number listed goes to The City Library by Götaplatsen. Opening hours aren’t shown as all the libraries have different opening hours.

Through the direct links you can find contact information to your local library.

Angered’s library
Angered’s library is located in the culture house Blå Stället at Angered’s square. Here you can borrow books and magazines and read newspapers in several different languages. There are also audio books, video games, computer games and music CDs to borrow. You can use the public computers or their wireless network. Computers, printers, color copy machine, scanner and USB sticks. At the library there is also exhibitions and events for both kids and adults. Direct link.

Askim’s library
Askim’s library is located at Askim’s square. Here you can read newspapers and magazines, connect using their computers, borrow movies, music and video games. And last, but not least, you’ll find literature in all its forms. You can copy up to A3 in color or print in b/w size A4. Scanner. If you become a Meröppet user you can access the library after hours using your library card. Read more hereDirect link.

Backa’s library
Backa’s library is a school and people’s library in Selma Lagerlöf’s center. Here you can borrow books, newspapers, magazines, movies, music, computer and video games and audio books. The access to computers and the internet is good. Bedtime stories, exhibitions, courses and lectures on different topics are recurrent events in Backa’s public living room. Direct link.

Bergsjön’s library
You can come to Bergsjön’s library to read, borrow, study, use computer or just be. The personnel can help you find books you’re interested in. You can alos read newspapers and borrow magazines. Of course there are other things you can borrow: movies, music, language courses, audio books etc.  Direct link.

Biskopsgården’s library
Biskopsgården’s library is located on Vårväderstorget. There you can read newspapers and magazines, use their computers, borrow movies, films and computer games. And last, but not least, you will find literature in all its forms. Direct link.

Book buses
The Book bus comes once a week to your area of the city loaded with books, magazines, music, movies and video games. You can order from the other libraries in Gothenburg and then get an email or a letter saying that what you’ve ordered is ready to be picked up the next time the book bus passes by.

During summer days without rain the buses are parked at Delsjön’s, Askim’s or Härlanda Tjärn’s swimming places between 10 and 16 on week days. These three positions are not well-known so we put them on our Smart map. The book bus also hosts bedtime stories for the youngest. Direct link.

Donsö’s library
Donsö’s library and Styrsö’s library has the joint name The South Archipelago’s Libraries. They are combined people’s and school libraries. Direct link.

Eriksberg’s library
A pleasantly decorated library with a focus on children, but you can of course pick up and borrow books and other media as well. If you’re a Meröppet user you can open the library. Direct link.

Frölunda’s library
Frölunda’s library is located in Frölunda’s Culture House. Here you will have access to both knowledge and leisure time. Books in all its forms for kids, teens and adults, newspapers and magazines, public computers, DVD movies as well as special medias for groups with disabilities. Take a computer course or join a book circle. They have a lot of activities for kids and youngsters, especially during school holidays. Direct link.

Guldheden’s library
Guldheden’s library is located by Dr Fries’ square. There you will find a meeting place for all ages. You can play and read with your children in the kids room. Relax with a cup of coffee while you read the paper or botanize among all the books, magazines, audio books, films and music. You can also book a computer or relax on your own device with the use of their public wifi. Direct link.

Hammarkullen’s library
Hammarkullen’s library is located at Hammarkulletorget. There you can borrow books, audio books, movies and video games. They have books and magazines in several different languages. The library has a clear focus on children and teens. Direct link.

Hjällbo’s library
At Hjällbo’s library you can borrow books, audio books, music, movies and video games. They have books and magazines in about 20 different languages. The library has a clear focus on children and teens. Direct link.

The Library Service New Hovås
The library service is located at the square in New Hovås and shares their space with the city development office. Here you can pick up and borrow books and other library media. There is personnel sometimes but you can access the service with your library card through “Meröppet” (“Open more”) Mon-Sun 7-21. This means the space is open for you even if there is no librarians there to keep it open. Here you can find our post on this serviceDirect link.

Härlanda-Örgryte’s library
The library is a part of Culture House Kåken and there’s always something going on. Book circles, story tellings and visits from authors are only some of the library’s events. At the library you can borrow books, audio books, magazines and a lot more. Copies and prints in color, scanner, wifi and a player for audio books ”Daisy”. Direct link.

Högsbo’s library
Högsbo’s library is located in Axelhuset at Axel Dahlström’s square. It is an active meeting point for all ages in the district. There you can borrow computers, read newspapers, study and, of course, borrow books, movies, video games and music. They also have a lot of events with authors visiting, music cafe and lectures. For kids they have story tellings and theater. Direct link.

Kortedala’s library
Kortedala’s library is a meeting place where everybody is welcome. You can borrow and read, study and surf the web. You can also join events and participate in courses, meet old and new friends and just relax. Computer’s with printers, copy machine in color, scanner. Direct link.

Kyrkbyn’s library
Kyrkbyn’s library is located smack on Kyrkbytorget. There is a copy machine and a printer. You can borrow books, magazines, movies, video games and audio books. There is also the possibility to access the library after hours, if you become a Meröppet user. Then you can access and use the library even when there’s no personnel there. Read more about Meröppet hereDirect link.

Kärra’s library
The library is the meeting space for culture and information in Kärra centre. There you can find books, magazines, newspapers, language courses, movies and games. You can also order material from other libraries and suggest what they should buy to have at the library. There are computers with printers, copy machines with a scanner that can email your scan and of course there is a wifi network. There are also events and exhibitions for adults and kids. Direct link.

Linnéstaden’s library
Linnéstaden’s library is now located at Första Långgatan. There you can borrow books, audio books, magazines, music, movies and video games. There is also a wifi network. Direct link.

Lundby’s library
Lundby’s library is located in Glasiären between Vågmästareplatsen and Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen. There you can use a computer, printer and their wifi network as well as read newspapers, borrow books, movies, music and a lot more. You can borrow a ”Daisy”, an audio book player. The library is an active meeting place and offers culture events and activities for kids and adults. Direct link.

Majorna’s library
The library is a meeting space for culture and information in Majorna. There you can borrow books, newspapers, audio books, language courses, music and movies. You can also use public computers and the wifi. Daisy audio book player and walking sticks can be borrowed. They also offer culture events and exhibitions for adults and kids as well as debates and lectures in current affairs. Direct link.

Sannegården’s library service
In the same house as ICA Kvantum Sannegården there is a library service for borrowing and returning books and other media.

Stadsbiblioteket 300m2
Stadsbiblioteket has a small branch around the corner from Brunnsparken. There’s books, magazines, newspapers, a black and white printer and of course, wifi. Direct link.

Stadsbiblioteket at Götaplatsen
Gothenburg’s main public library is located at Götaplatsen, at the top of the Avenue, Avenyn. There you can borrow books, films, games, music and read newspapers from all over the world. You can also join lectures, school holiday activities, home work assistance and a lot more. In Götaverkstan, the library’s maker space where you can borrow a sewing machine or book one of the rooms with equipment for sound editing, photo editing or music production. All you need is your library card. Direct link.

The Beach library in Sillvik
During the school holiday you can find the beach library in Sillvik. There you can borrow books, just like a normal library. There are also games, newspapers, beach toys, mobile phone chargers and a lot of other stuff you might need for a day at the beach. There’s a lot of different activities going on during the school holiday. Direct link.

Styrsö’s library
Styrsö’s and Donsö’s libraries has the joint name The libraries of the Southern Archipelago. They are combined public and school libraries. Direct link.

Torslanda’s library
Torslanda’s library is located in The Culture House Vingen at Amhult’s square. There’s a variety of books, audio books, magazines, movies and computer games. They have a well-stocked children’s section. There are a lot of places to study and also a more quiet study room. There are three public computers and of course a wifi network for you to use. There’s lectures, story telling and kids theater. Direct link.

Trulsegården’s library
Trulsegården’s library is located in school of Trulsegård by Skra Bro in Björlanda. There you will find a variety of books, audio books, magazines, movies and computer games and there are a lot of places to study. There is one computer you can borrow for one hour per day. From it you can print three pages for free, after that the cost is 2 SEK/page. Only black and white printer. There is also a scanner. Direct link.

Tuve’s library
Tuve’s library is located in Kulturpunkten at Tuve square. Kulturpunkten (literally culture location) is a culture house with a library, cafe, assembly hall, community youth centre, meeting place for the elderly and a culture school. The library offers DVDs, wifi, CDs, audio books, video games, magazines, newspapers and 25 000 books as well as a lot of culture events as Afternoon Tea, kids theater, story telling and music cafe. At the library’s art wall there is a monthly exhibition. Copy machine, scanner, wifi. Direct link.

The House of World’s Literature
The House of World’s Literautre at Gamlestaden’s square was opened December 1st 2018. The new library is thought to be a new intercultural arena for meetings and talks, as well as a library for us all. Space for stories and texts with the ability to create your own works is also an important part of the House’s operation. Direct link.

Photo: Sara Larsson.

Amhults torg
Askims torg 5
Axel Dahlströms torg 3
Billdalsvägen 2
Borstbindaregatan 12A
Chapmans torg 5
Doktor Fries Torg 6
Första Långgatan 28A
Frölunda kulturhus
Götaplatsen 3
Grådalsvägen 20
Hammarkulletorget 62B
Härlanda tjärn
Hjällboplatsen 1
Kålltorpsgatan 2
Kärra Centrum
Kortedala torg
Kyrkbytorget 4
Monsungatan 66
Östra Hamngatan 32
Rymdtorget 8
Selma Lagerlöfs center
Sillviks badstrand
Trulsegårdsskolan (Emelie Lejmans väg 4)
Tuve torg 5
Världslitteraturhuset, Gamlestadstorget 11
Vårväderstorget 3
Vintergatan 4
Phone: 031-3683400