Meet the locals

Share your world with the world


Meet the Locals is the meeting place that lets you show people your world to the world and offer visitors to the region a chance to follow you in your day-to-day. As a Local you get to discover new cultures at your own dining room table, meet around your interests or show people your favorite spots.

Meet The Locals is a project by West Sweden Tourist Board.

Our day-to-day is exotic to many visitors. Meet the locals is a platform for those of us who want to meet new people, where you offer visitors the opportunity to experience a normal day-to-day in Sweden. A lot of visitors are curious about how we live in Sweden and want to meet those of us who live here. West Sweden is visited by millions of tourists every year. A lot of them are looking for unique, but simple experiences and genuine meetings.

As a ”Local” you can, for instance, offer:
• Show an Italian the city’s best gelato
• Bake a sponge cake with a Czech family
• Talk a walk in the woods with a Polish philosopher
• Offer your couch to a Greek hiker
• Give a cab driver from New York a lift.

What’s usual here can be exotic and exciting to others.

Register your interest to become a local or find a everyday adventure with some one who lives in the region here:

Phone: 031-818300