Wading pool for small children.

Majorna, Gothenburg

Plaskdammen (the wading pool) aka ‘Plaskis’ by Mariaplan is very appreciated by little children. The size of the pool is 1008 m2 with a depth of 20-45 cm. It’s open for 12 weeks during the summer, from June 1st until the end of August. The rest of the year it’s popular among skateboarders.

The pool was constructed in 1930-31 and was paid for by the Charles Felix Lindberg’s donation fund with a donation of 50 000 Swedish crowns.

After the Second World War there were a lot of wading pools constructed in Gothenburg, but when the standards of personal hygiene rose and as a result of renovations of the squares, a lot of the wading pools disappeared. Plaskis is the only one that’s still left, which is run by the city.

Photo Copyright: Beatrice Törnros/ Göteborg & Co

Älvsborgsplan 4

Open 24/7 June-August

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Always open