Styr & Ställ

Bike sharing system in Gothenburg and Mölndal!


Styr & Ställ is Gothenburg and Mölndal’s bike sharing. In June 2020 a new system was introduced which replaced the old system from 2010. The new system has bikes with seven gears, almost twice as many stations and a new booking system where you handle everything in a mobile app. All of this makes it easy to rent a bike.

Where are the new stations located?

The bike stations are, among other places, available in the city centre, Majorna, Gamlestaden, Mölndal and on Hisingen. You can check their website or the app to see ALL of the available stations, here on The Smart Map we only list a few of the stations.

How do I register and how much is a subscription?

To be able to rent a Styr & Ställ-bike you need to register. The easiest way is through the Nextbike app, or at or by visiting the physical terminals for Styr & Ställ in Gothenburg or Mölndal. The terminals are located at Gustav Adolfs torg, Drottningtorget and Korsvägen as well as Mölndals innerstad.

The different subscriptions are:

  • Yearly card (300 SEK)
  • Monthly card (90 SEK)
  • Single (20 SEK)

Please note that we only list some of Styr & Ställs stations, for instance we don’t show the stations in Mölndal. Check their website for all of the stations.

Anders Carlssons gata 6
Åvägen 10
Chalmersplatsen 5
Eketrägatan 26
Första långgatan 27
Gamlestadstorget 11
Gustav Adolfs torg
Hjalmar Brantingsgatan 1
Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen
Karl Johansgatan 22
Lindholmspiren 11
Linnéplatsen 11
Nils Ericsonsplatsen
Olskrokstorget 2
Östra Hamngatan 17
Östra Hamngatan 41
Wavrinskys plats
Wieselgrensplatsen 8
Phone: 031-7679438

Opening hours

Always open