Iskällans Odlarförening

Grow your own vegetables and flowers in a friendly community

Komarken, Kungälv

The Iskällan growers’ association grows vegetables and flowers of many different kinds on a total of 121 plots. Everyone grows what they want on their plot (except trees, which cannot be planted here because they shade the neighboring plots too much). Many members have also placed a couple of chairs on their plot to enjoy a cup of coffee while they work.

In addition to growing on their plots, the friendship of the association is at least as important. During the growing season, some activities are organized for everyone in the association to get to know each other. For example, they have cleaning days, barbecue evenings and a midsummer party. In December, around Lucia, they also get together to drink mulled wine, eat grilled sausages and talk.

Iskällan’s growers’ association has existed for over 30 years. The association leases the land from the municipality and it once belonged to Kastellegården.