Zero-waste restaurant

Valla, Linköping

Cooking meals of what otherwise would have been wasted. They don’t have a fixed menu but adapt to the catch of the day in the areas: meat, wet and plant.

The idea with this restaurant is to focus on zero waste. We want to try to reduce food waste, for example by working with the whole animal and vegetables, and help producers and grocery stores by using eatables with some cosmetic defects. We will only serve Swedish eatables with low climate footprint and decide the menu from the eatables that are best that day. The little food waste we do make, despite this, will be burnt to dirt that will turn into furtiliser for our food producers. We will in addition, as far as possible, avoid to buy new things. Instead we will buy plates, glasses and cutlery etc, from second hand shops.

You will find the opening hours and menu on their website:

Fridtunagatan 24
Phone: 070-4430641