Malmö stadsbibliotek utifrån, med växtlighet i förgrunden, mitt på bilden finns en gul ring som det står RådRum i

RådRum: Counselling and support

RådRum offers free, objective and confidential support and counselling


Here you find people who provide advice, counsel and support to those who need help when they come in contact with the Swedish society. For example, if you need help with reading a letter that you have received in a foreign language or help with filling up a form. All counsellors work voluntarily and you do not need to pay for anything when you visit them. These counselling rooms are not a government body and can only give free counsel. Rådrum cannot change, hurry or affect decisions taken by governing authorities in for example the cases of asylum seekers.

Your visit with Rådrum is confidential. This means that the counsellors do not reveal anything you might say to them to anyone else. The counsellors are from different backgrounds which means that counselling can be provided in many different languages. Many counselors are people who themselves are new to Sweden while others have lived here all their lives. All counsellors undergo an obligatory education which provides a basic knowledge of the Swedish society in terms of conversation style, interaction with people and lifestyle.


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