SSSB Bicycle workshop and Rentals

A bicycle workshop for repair and rentals.

Lappis, Stockholm

You have a bicycle workshop at Professorsslingan 35 available at Lappis and Kungshamra 41 where you can repair, work on and take care of your bike.


We also have 10 bicycles that you can rent for SEK 5/hour or SEK 15/day. The bikes depart from Campus Lappis and their parking is between Professorsslingan 13-15 in front of the fence.In the Frekis app, you will find the parking lot and which areas you can park the bike in.


This is how you do it:

1. Download the Frekis app.
2. Log in and create an account.
3. Use the qr reader in the app and unlock the bike you want to rent.
4. Rent the bike for as long as you want.
5. Leave and lock the bike in an approved parking area, see where they are in the app.
6. End your rental period in the app.

There is contact form to contact us through email.