Stockholm Outdoor gyms

Lift logs, do sit-ups or do exercises with your own body weight.

Several places, Stockholm

In Stockholm, there are many outdoor gyms around the city. Lift logs, do sit-ups or do exercises with your own body weight. The outdoor gym is always open and free to use. The gym has various equipment and lighting. At there are links with descriptions of each gym.

Ågestas utegym
Älvsjöskogens utegym
Årstaskogens utegym
Årstavikens utegym
Ärvinge utegym
Askersundsgatan 14
Björkhagens utegym
Blåsutvägen 19
Brotorp utegym
Elektraparkens utegym
Farsta strandbads utegym
Farstanäsets utegym
Flatenbadet utegym
Fruängens utegym
Götaforsvägen 8
Grimsta utegym
Grimstaskogens utegym
Gulsippans utegym
Hammarby Sjöstads utegym
Hammarby slussväg 20
Hellasgårdens utegym
Hinderstorpsparkens utegym
Hjorthagens utegym
Högdalens utegym
Hökarängsbadets utegym
Hornsbergs strands utegym
Humlans utegym
Imatragatan 230
Ingenjörsvägen 25
Johan skytteskolans utegym
Judarskogens utegym
Kaknäs utegym
Kämpetorpsskolans utegym
Kanaans utegym
Kärrtorps utegym
Kontoristvägen 51
Kronobergsparkens utegym
Kungsholms strandstigs utegym
Långbroparkens utegym
Lappkärrsbergets utegym
Liljeholmens utegym
Lillsjöns utegym
Lövsta utegym
Mälarhöjdsbadets utegym
Maltesholmsbadets utegym
Mellanbergsparkens utegym
Melonparkens utegym
Mossens utegym
Nälsta utegym
Nytorps gärdes utegym
Oppundaparkens utegym
Östbergas utegym
Oxtungans utegym
Pålsundsparkens utegym
Rålambshovsparkens utegym
Sandhamnsgatan 64
Sannadalsparkens utegym
Sätra idrottsplats utegym
Sätradals utegym
Sätrastrandsbadet utegym
Skärholmens utegym
Skarpnäcksfältets utegym
Smedsuddsbadets utegym
Solbergaskogens utegym
Solbrännans utegym
Solviks utegym
Spånga idrottsplats utegym
Spånga utegym?
Stora Sällskapets Väg
Stora Sköndals utegym
Stråkets utegym
Svampvägenparkens utegym
Svandammsparkens utegym
Tantolundens utegym
Tessinparkens seniorgym
Vanadislundens utegym
Vårflodsparkens utegym
Vårgårdens utegym
Vasaparkens utegym
Vintervikens utegym
Vrenavägen 16

The outdoor gym is open 24 hours a day. Lighting times may vary.

Opening hours

Always open