Björkstadens Miljöbilpool

Sharing car ownership

Carlshem/Ålidhem, Umeå

Björkstadens Miljöbilpool is an economic association that offers private individuals and companies joint car ownership. The members have a common responsibility of the association’s 3 cars. A car can be booked for a maximum of 7 days per member. 


One-time costs:

Member contribution: 3000 SEK (1000 SEK for students and pensioners)

Co-users in the family pay a contribution of 1000 SEK.

The contribution is repaid if a member leaves the association.


Fixed costs:

Monthly fee: 300 SEK


Variable costs:

Mileage fee: 25 SEK

Hourly rate: 12 SEK (max 120 SEK/ day)

Booking fee: 25 SEK

Phone: 0703-871587