Cykelstället Kungsgatan

Park your bicycle and charge your batteries

Centrum, Umeå

The bicycle rack is a hub for cyclists in Umeå with several functions:

  • You can rent a spot in Cykelstället’s locked and heated garage. More information is available at  
  • Wash and repair your bike at the service station. There are standard tools, compressed air to inflate the tires and water to both wash the bike and fill your water bottle. The water is shut off during the winter season.
  • Everyone has access to weather-protected and secure bicycle parking.
  • Try out an electric cargo bike from U-bike. The bikes are available at Cykelstället and on the university campus.
  • Charge your phone and electric bike
  • There is a wooden platform as well as a picnic table and a bicycle bar where you can have your lunch or afternoon coffee. There is also a bicycle carousel for the children. 

Kungsgatan 44

Opening hours

Always open