Stadsodling Umeå

Grow fruits and veggies in the city

Olika platser, Umeå

Umeå Municipality allows certain parks and public areas to be used for cultivation for a limited time. You can get help with buying cultivation boxes and soil, and get heavier machine work done if needed.

If you are a group of people who wants to start an urban cultivation together, you should be prepared to apply for a permit from the police, apply for a land lease and appoint a contact person to the municipality.

 Step by step instructions to get started:

  1. Contact Gator och Parker (Street and Park office) by email or telephone. Describe your idea briefly and in which area you want to do urban cultivation.
  2. Together you will find a suitable place in the area where you want to be. For example, it may be close to where the group live.
  3. Make a sketch of how you want to build the urban cultivation / set up the beehives and send the sketch to your contact person at the Street and Park office.
  4. In order to cultivate in a public area, a permit from the police is required. The application is made via the municipality’s website,, where you fill out a form. The application to the police costs SEK 700 (in 2019). The municipality invoices a fee of SEK 843 (in 2019) for a land lease that is valid for three years. 
  5. Only when you have paid the fee for the police permit can you get a formal permit to start building up the cultivation / set up the beehives on site.
  6. Before each spring, it is good to contact the municipality’s contact person and tell them about this year’s plans. Maybe there are more people who want to cultivate and the area needs to be expanded?

Phone: 090-161431