Rent a cargo bike

Centrum & Universitetet, Umeå

The cargo bike can carry up to 75 kilos and replace many car rides in the city. The box is spacious and equipped for transportation of children. A fully charged battery lasts for about 60 km. The bikes are rented all year round, with studded tires during winter. 

Membership costs 80 SEK/ month. The first 3 hours are free to rent, and the cost is then 10 SEK/ hour. Once you have booked one, the rental period starts immediately. The bike must be returned before 11 pm the same day.

There are three different bike models for rent: tricycles and two different two-wheelers, one with a larger box and one with a smaller. There are also a couple of regular electric bikes.

To rent a U-bike, you must first register as a member of Triply

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