Recycling storerooms at the recycling stations

Kallerstad, Malmen, Ullstämma, Linköping

At the recycling storeroom they accept things you don’t have any use of anymore.  The things you hand in will be given to the help organizations Myrorna, Hjärta till hjärta, Stadsmissionen and Hjälpverksamheten Återvinningen. They will pick it up and then put it up for sale in their shops.

There are recycling storerooms at all the recycling stations in Linköping. They can be found at Gärstad, Malmen and Ullstämma.

Återvinningsvägen 2, Gärstad
Malmenvägen 2, Malmen
Värmevägen 1, Ullstämma
Phone: 0771-252627