Rent electric car

Multiple locations, Linköping

In Linköping there are several carshares where you have the opportunity to book an electric car. Prices and fees vary depending on whether you only need a car once in a while or if you want to drive more regularly. The carshare is booked via an app. To see all the places where there is a car available, go to the carshare website.

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Volvo On Demand

Linköpings Centralstation, Järnvägsgatan
P-hus Akilles, Gröngatan
P-hus Baggen, Kungsgatan
P-hus Detektiven, Repslagaregatan 26
P-hus Fridtuna, Kerstingatan 2
P-hus Väveriet, Wahlbecksgatan
Vita huset, Science park, Universitetsvägen 14