On several places, Linköping

There are several different paths and tracks in the area of Linköping if you want to go mountainbiking off road.


It is 2 km long, easy to bike and suits the beginner perfectly. The track is not marked.  Track type: XC.


Olstorp friluftscenter offers three marked MTB-tracks, for example a short track of 3 km and the longest of 24 km. The short track is a varied XC-track, technical and hilly. The long track is of long race caracter with longer parts of gravelled road, asphalt and one part singel-track. Track type: XC.


It is a 4 km long XC-track in Vallaskogen. The track has both easy and technical parts.

Vidingsjöbanan is 5 km long. You can choose between driving through the red tracks that are more technical, a yellow track which runs round the whole trail or the blue track suitable for the beginner. The track is well marked and can stand bad weather before it gets too muddy. Can be used the year round. Track type: XC.

It is 2 km long, easy to bike and very suitable for the beginner. The track is not marked. Track type: XC.


For more information about the tracks run by Mera Lera MTB please follow the link below to their homepage.

Information om de banor som drivs av Mera Lera MTB hittar du på deras hemsida.

Gamla vägen 4
Valla MTB-bana
Vidingsjö motionscentrum 2