Urban farming

Urban farming in pallet collars

City centre , Linköping

In Linköping there are several places for urban farming in pallet collars.

  • Trädgårdsföreningen vid Naturcentrum
  • Kanberget
  • Utsädesgatan in Lambohov
  • Åbylundsparken
  • Skäggetorp close to the church
  • Berga, two places along Tinnerbäcken at the activity park
  • Ryd, close to the cycle path near the artificial turf field in the activity park
  • Konsistorieparken in the city centre
  • Fridhemsparken in Gottfridsberg

If you would like to do some urban farming you need to contact the City Gardener (Stadsträdgårdsmästaren) who will direct you to a cultivation site. The City Gardener (Stadsträdgårdsmästaren) can be reach via Kontakt Linköping at the website.


Lasarettsgatan 9