Borrow tools from a container

Stockholm, Stockholm

A number of containers with shared tools distributed throughout the city. Here is how it works:

  1. Become a member through your landlord, employer, (…) or through a monthly subscription fee.
  2. Book a product whenever you feel like borrowing something (included in the subscription).
  3. Pick up the tool.
  4. Return after use.
  5. Repeat as often as you want.

Älgstigen 19A
Anders Reimers väg 9
Blåviolstigen 2
Brogatan 1
Farstaplan 27
Flottiljvägen 85
Hasselbergsvägen 29
Kallkärrsvägen 28
Kronometergränd 3
Magnus Ladulåsgatan 40
Maratonvägen 87
Mariedalsvägen 49
Metronomgatan 7, Hägersten
Orrspelsvägen 7
Runbergsvägen 2A
Tranholmen (ihopa)
Uleåborgsvägen 24
Phone: 08-828808

Some containers are located inside of buildings. For those cases, check the opening hours of the building.

Opening hours

Always open