Odla ihop

Grow food, participate, socialize, contribute and harvest together

Multiple places, Stockholm

Grow together is an urban educational permaculture garden for everyone in the middle of the city. They work practically with knowledge in biodiversity and sustainable, organic farming and resource management based on the basic principles of permaculture: care for humans, animals and nature and fair distribution based on a principle of equal and high value for all people. The purpose is to utilize resources, people and materials. The basic attitude is that no human being or thing is consumable but has a place and a value and should be treated with care.

Odla Ihop has four cultivation sites in Stockholm: three urban farms in Tantolunden, Aspudden and Västberga and a large joint farm on Öråker’s farm in Kungsängen. Anyone who wants can become a member and be part of creating fantastic community plantations together. They grow vegetables and create forest gardens using regenerative, permacultural methods.

Ladan, Öråkers gård
Odla Ihop Aspudden
Odla Ihop Råby
Odla Ihop Tanto
Odla Ihop Västberga

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