Grow here

Match making for those who have and those looking for spaces for cultivation.


Grow Here connects people who want to grow things with people who have the space for it!

The urban growing movement has exploded the last couple of years, but far from everybody who wants to cultivate have access to cultivation space. However, the interest from private and communal property owners to let people grow on their soils is large, but they have had trouble to reach people who want to cultivate. Grow Here aims to bridge this gap through a platform where they gather the urban growing movement on a map and match people who want to grow with soil to cultivate. 

Grow Here use to be called Grow Gothenburg/GrowGBG but have now expanded outside of Gothenburg, behind it is The Foodprint Lab.

The Foodprint Lab is a team of architects, designers and city planners who work to make it easier for as many as possible to put their personal and green touch on their own city. The aim is to work according to a collaborative method that goes hand in hand with property owners, construction companies, municipalities’ and regions’ aim to perform projects in an economical, social and organic regenerative approach.

Eco Agroforestry Center, Linnarhult
Skogsgläntans Odlarförening, Hisingsparken
Tillsammansodlingen, Mölndal
Urban odling på Göteborgs Universitet, Linné