Sweden’s most experienced car-sharing association.


Sambil is a simple, cheap, environmentally friendly and social not-for-profit car pool. They act for car usage which is socially and environmentally sensible, working together with other systems of public transport.

Sambil’s concept is to simply and safely provide a space for people who want to borrow a car and people who want to lend theirs out. The borrower pays a fixed fee per kilometer, without any additional charges. There is no additional charge for time spent or for anything else. The kilometer fee is calculated on the basis of the owner’s costs, including depreciation. By lending out their car, the car owner can offset their costs of ownership. The kilometer fees vary depending on the car as the costs to the owner varies, primarily depending on the car’s age and its fuel.

Sambil has members all over Sweden, but most members live in Västerås where the organization was founded in 1980. Cars currently available for loans, along with other information, can be found on their website: